School Improvement in Maryland

MD Common Core Curriculum Frameworks

Maryland's New State Curriculum

Maryland was one of the first States in the nation to adopt the Common Core State Standards in mathematics and reading/English Language Arts. In June 2010, the State Board adopted the standards by unanimous vote. These standards form the foundation for Maryland's new state curriculum.

Maryland launched a broad-based, year-long process to revise its curriculum to align with the new standards. Hundreds of classroom educators, instructional leaders, administrators, and higher education representatives helped State officials develop the new Maryland Common Core State Curriculum. The curriculum Framework, the foundation of the new curriculum, was presented to the State Board in June 2011, and the completed curriculum will be implemented in Maryland schools in the 2013-2014 school year.

Mary Cary, former Assistant Superintendent, Division of Instruction, explains the process of transitioning to Maryland's new curriculum. "We are bringing together approximately 6,000 educators from across Maryland to engage in professional development that will prepare them to make the transition to the new curriculum. Every school in the state brings a team that includes the principal, an English Language Arts/reading teacher, a math teacher, and a STEM teacher. Five members of each system's central office staff also participate."

Maryland Common Core Curriculum Frameworks

Since the adoption of the standards, educators from around the state have met to determine the Essential Skills and Knowledge associated with these standards. The draft frameworks that follow are the result of this work. It is important to view these frameworks in color. The Common Core State Standards appear in black and the Essential Skills and Knowledge added by Maryland educators appear in red. These draft frameworks were introduced to teachers and administrators at the Educator Effectiveness Academies. Over the next several years, the Maryland Common Core State Curriculum will be developed by Maryland educators to support the implementation of these new standards.