School Improvement in Maryland
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A monthly update highlighting selected instructional resources recently placed on

2013 Data

The new 2013 MSA, SPI, School Progress, High School Assessment data is now online with tutorials to understand the new SPI in the data section.





2013 Educator Effective Academies

Units of Study and other materials from the 2013 Academies are ready to view or to download.
Reading, Math and STEM
Watch the 2013 Fall Webinar




New Assessments for Physical Education

Sample assessments for grades PK through high school

Disciplinary Literacy

Understanding, planning for and teaching the Disciplinary Literacy Standards

STEM Education

STEM Standards of Practice and Frameworks

These documents provide teachers and students a consistent approach to implementing STEM education and will provide guidance for teachers as they develop STEM centric units or lessons that focus on answering complex questions, investigating global issues, and developing solutions for challenges and real world problems.

Individual Student Monitoring Templates

A new Individual Student Monitoring template to help teachers and students track progress toward attainment of Maryland's Standards aligned with the new units.

ELA Units for the Common Core Curriculum